Dirty Daytime TV

Any of you tuning into daytime TV institution This Morning yesterday may have noticed Phil and Fern testing out some electronic devices. And they were truly shocking!

The TV presenters weren’t checking out the latest blender in the cookery section, or even a fantastic new hoover to clean up your house – these gadgets were of a rather more adult nature.

Producers thought that for daytime TV an interview with the oldest sex toy party host would be ideal for the family show and, naturally, she brought in her wares. So dildos were flashed all over the screens at 11am, giving us handy hints on the sexy household toys. So how did they get away with putting this on at such a time?

Well, the only people watching TV at this time are housewives – who are over 18 (well, most of them) and will be the people most wanting tips. Since, after all, you can’t exactly try before you buy. Apparently, to choose the right vibe for you, you have to hold it to the end of your nose – aaaand if you sneeze, that’s the one to buy! The septuagenarian sex hostess also revealed what to say if your kids stumble across a toy that’s really not for them. Tell them it’s an electric pepper mill you keep in your top drawer. Perfect!

What better time to promote these buzzing bundles of joy! Unless the kids are off sick from school that is. But we’re all prepared for that one: “It’s an electric pepper mill, dear, that’s why she’s sneezing…”

(Image: from sorian’s flickr stream)

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