Dirty Dancing – ouch!

Everyone likes to see a bit of pole dancing. So here we have a nice little clip from BBC3’s Upstaged series. The video shows two women dancing away and well, it’s downright disgraceful.

No, they aren’t doing absolutely shocking things to those two lucky poles – let’s just say their dancing skills are rather less than virtuosic. First of all, the main pole dancer, isn’t exactly the most elegant we’ve seen – a few more lessons wouldn’t go amiss! But it’s the second girl on the far left of the screen who really takes the dancing biscuit…

Desperate to impress, she tries a lovely upside down move and compleeeeetely messes it up! With her derriere in the air, she hits her head on the floor and then goes head-over-heels off the podium. Wooopsie!

So it’s not the most erotic thing in the world, but it is funny. Then again – making someone laugh is supposed to be sexy. Maybe that’s what she was going for?

(Image: from sethoscope’s flickr stream)

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