Diplomats hot under collar for love goddess Aphrodite

A naked image of the Aphrodite on new biometric passports issued by Cyprus is causing a stir in Cyprus.

Diplomats fear that the picture of the love goddess could offend some Islamic nations.

Phileleftheros newspaper reports that diplomats were insensed upon seeing the nude image of the goddess – a commonly used symbol of the Mediterranean holiday island.

Interior Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis, whose office is responsible for issuing the passports, dismissed the outrage.

He said: ‘There isn't a problem with the passports. They have already been issued and are already in use by the public.’

Aphrodite is said to have rose from the sea off coast of Cyprus. A naked statue of the goddess is on display at the Cyprus Museum in Nicosia.

Lazaros Savvides, the interior ministry's permanent secretary, said the passports have not so far created any problems but promised to look further into the issue.

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