Diplomatic strife

The cold war might be long over, but in the case of James Hudson, the British diplomat in Russia who has rather embarrassingly turned up in an online sex tape, dirty Iron Curtain tactics may still be rumbling on.

Hudson has quit his post as a deputy consul in Ekaterinburg after a video of him allegedly making the beast with not one but two Russian hookers made its way onto the internet. The 4 minute video entitled 'Adventures Of Mr Hudson In Russia' was posted on a Russian news site and allegedly shows the young diplomat entering a room with the prostitutes, engaging in some 'light drugs' before proceeding to get his rocks off with both in what is described as an extremely 'explicit' real life grumble flick. That's allegedly.

The Foreign Commonwealth Office are playing their cards close to their chest with regards the authenticity of the tape, saying "we are not in a position to confirm or deny the allegations in this story, and we do not generally comment on individual members of staff or individual personnel matters." However suggestions in the media point to the possibility of a trick being played by the FSB (Russia's secret service) in order to leave Hudson vulnerable to blackmail. In which case, why the speedy resignation?

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