Diesel ignites complaints over sexy ads

It seems the ghost of Mary Whitehouse, the embodiment of outraged, elderly English people everywhere, lives on: sexy clothes brand Diesel has been forced to withdraw two of its adverts of girls being too sexy, due to public complaints.

Bearing Diesel's new 'go-get'em' slogan 'Smart may have the brains but stupid has the balls', the adverts depict one girl photographing her genitals, unaware of a lion creeping up behind her. The other involves a woman flashing a security surveillance camera, in a design that Diesel claimed would challenge 'society's pre-occupation with 24/7 camera surveillance', the Sun Online reveals. The clothing line also defended its designs by stating that the images 'portrayed a very strong and unexpected image of femininity'. Unexpected is certainly the word some motorists might use if they caused a crash, staring goggle-eyed at some bird's beaver whilst turning off the M1!

So, just how many people contacted the Advertising Standards Authority to call for the adverts to be taken down? A whopping great 33. The voice of the people has spoken. Or maybe not.

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