Desperate measures

A broken-hearted young lass who had just been dumped by her boyfriend took to the streets on Valentine’s Day to fix herself up with a date.

Janie Brown, 20, put together a three foot sandwich board and stood beside a busy main road in the hope that a passerby would ‘take pity’ on her V’s Day blues.

Janie, a history student at Birmingham University, said: 'Well my boyfriend dumped me yesterday and I thought instead of moping around the house all day I would go out and get a date. I was worth more than that rat bag anyway. No one wants to be alone for Valentine’s Day. It was my friend's idea to do it, she dared me, but I just thought why not.

Lovelorn Janie insisted it was the first time she’d gone to desperate measures to secure a date.

‘I put on the back of the sign 'I've just been dumped' as I'm hoping some hot guy will take pity on me,' she added.

'The sign took an hour to make as I wanted it to look the part. Loads of guys have been beeping their horn at me and flashing their lights so hopefully I'll get lucky. I've been outside for two hours so far, but I'm not going until I get what I came here for. My friends think I'm mad for doing this, but they all have dates for tomorrow. I don't want to be sat at home with a curry and a rom com. This is what a woman has to do to get a date these days, there's a lot of competition.'

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