Demi in nude shock…again

More celebrity rude snap rumours, this time involving Hollywood grande dame Demi Moore and youthful hubby Ashton Kutcher. According to the National Enquirer (!) the loved-up couple had taken 35 pics of themselves in a state of undress on Ash’s mobile phone, which has now gone missing. And, in another twist, the man who found the phone is said to be trying to sell the snaps for $1million. Are there really such Ash and Demi snaps floating around? We don’t know, but the case of the missing mobile does raise a few questions:

do celebs ever take pictures of ordinary aspects of their domestic lives – their cats, say or the sofa in Ikea they think they want but need to have a closer look at later?

can a catchy anagram be made of the names Ashton and Demi? Dashton, perhaps, or Ademi?

what with the famous Vanity Fair cover and the artistic triumph that was Striptease, is there anything more of Demi we really want to see?

Answers to Sexploits, please.

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