Definitely NOT a face for radio

With stunners like Emma Hayley Dixon holding the airwaves to ransom, it's surprising that our hardy cousins in the land of the Loch Ness monster manage to get any work done during the day. Scottish Sun readers recently chose the brunette lass as the sexiest babe on the radio, scoring a whopping 20% of the total votes submitted by readers, the Sun Online reveals.

Dixon, 27, who is single, is also a showbiz commentator on Tay FM and is the health and beauty editor at No1 magazine: a gorgeous and talented girl with many strings to her bow. On her being awarded the title of most beautiful babe on Scottish radio, she admitted that she was a little surprised, considering the competition from fellow radio presenters Fiona Hardy and Diane Knox:

'It's such a shock and I have to say I am a little embarrassed because all the other girls are gorgeous. I'm absolutely flabbergasted - I'd like to thank everyone who voted.'

What definitely helped her chances however, was a session training with the Scottish Rockettes cheerleading squad last October, which would certainly not have gone un-noticed by the male population of Scotland.

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