Dulcet but decorem less

From Isaac Hayes and James Earl Jones to Christopher Lee and George Clooney, prestige among the sexes lies with having a deep, booming voice that commands attention and respect in equal measure. Whilst it leaves women apparently trembling at the knees in awe of this epitome of masculinity, research shows that men with deep voices are percieved as more likely to cheat on their partners, USA Today tells us.

Studies conducted by the McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada played vowel sounds read out by men and women with different pitches to their voice. Volunteers were asked to comment on which voices they thought were the more attractive ones and which were more likely to cheat on their partners.

'Since vocal tract size, and pitch, are affected by testosterone levels in puberty, the researchers suggest that deep voices serve as a signal to women that men are both attractive mates, as testosterone levels are also linked to social status, and potential problems in terms of marital fidelity. 'Lower-pitched men's voices are not only rated as more attractive, but are associated with a greater number of reported sexual partners, and greater reproductive success than are higher-pitched men's voices.''

The higher a woman's voice is, the more attractive she is seen to be by males. Who therefore shouldn't complain the next time they're subjected to a shrill ear-bashing by their girlfriend.

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