Declare your assets

Breast implants are being targetted by tax inspectors in Argentina in the war against tax evasion in the South American country.

The inspectors, who have previously targeted modelling agencies and football players, are hot on the heals of the breast augmentation trade - said to have experienced massive growth in recent years – and are busy counting the number of imported breast implants to calculate surgeons' earnings. We’re hoping the count comes out as an even number.

‘According to a preliminary assessment, the companies and self-employed people working in the business are suspected of evading 40 million pesos ($10 million) in income tax,’ the AFIP tax agency said in a statement.

The agency claims an estimated $170 million was spent on breast enlargement surgery in 2008 and 2009 with around 125,000 breast implants worth 9 million pounds were imported.

With the wild sums involved, maybe it’s no surprise that some were keeping their earnings a little too close to their chests.

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