Dawn gets naked

So BBC3 decided on a revamp (no one liked the blobs apparently) and with the new BBC3 comes new shows! The channel is known for pushing it with its shows – programmes often receive thousands of complaints. Well, what do you expect with shows such as Sex With Mum and Dad, F**k Off I'm Fat, F**k Off I'm a Hairy Woman, 34-Stone Teenager Revisited and Me and My Man-Breasts – just lovely. Now they have something new.

A four-part series starring investigative journalist Dawn Porter doing stuff that people will probably find offensive. The shows, with the titles Dawn Gets Naked, Dawn Goes Lesbian, Dawn Gets Her Man and Dawn Gets a Baby looks to be toooootally different to the old BBC3. So how will dear Dawn be tackling these polemic issues? She’s going to be doing them of course! In the first episode on Thursday she will be hosting a naked flashmob in London – which is probably worth a look.

So if you want to see Dawn getting naked, lesbian, her man and a baby in the space of four weeks tune in. Cue complaints from nudists, lesbians, men and babies…

(Image: from slushpup’s flickr stream)

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