Dave Stewart; plays with sex toys, down with the kids

In order to cut the mustard amongst the yoof of today, fogey rocker Dave Stewart and his company 'Rock Fabulous' have teamed up with JimmyJane sex toys to launch a new vibrator.

The Little Something Precious Metal Vibrator (looks like one of those torches you get out of a Christmas cracker) has been launched along with a new Stewart song 'Lets Do It Again'. The extra special USP of the vibrator amounts to the chorus of Lets Do It Again scribbled around the base of the fake pork bishop - meaning a frigging with this vibrator is in essence a frigging by Dave Stewart. Or as JimmyJane put it 'a semi-lucid love note' around the circumference of the beast.

But that's by the by. The funniest part of the whole venture by far is the 'provocative video' accompanying the vibrator. Think extremely B List soft porn set to high school rock only without the brilliant acting. Couldn't Stewart have done like Becks and branched out into something sensible like marker pens? Or slippers? Or a razor for that horrible little beard? Anyway, if it floats your boat, check it out.

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