Daughter of Sarah Palin in homophobic rant

Willow Palin has blurted her way onto the politic stage in one the most crass ways possible, by unleashing a flury of invective and homphobic abuse on schoolmates who attacked her mother’s new reality series.

Screenshots of the largely mispelled rant have been released by the gossip website TMZ. The outburst came after the premier of her mother’s TV show ’Sarah Palin’s Alaska’. A classmate posted an update claiming the show ’is failing so hard right now.’

In riposte, the 16-year-old Willow unleashed a string of gay slurs that will surely cause a ruckus in the Palin household, with her mother trying to carefully groom her own public image in preparation for a potential 2012 bid for the presidency. ’Your so gay’ she snapped, and later called the boy ’such a faggot.’

A source close to the family told TMZ that Willow doesn't usually use gay slurs, but felt ‘extreme measures’ were called for because her family was being attacked. The source likened it to a bear cub defending the mama grizzly.

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