Dating dead Down Under

Guys, if you’ve got a stag-do coming up, or simply want to get laid, head for New Zealand. It seems dating Down Under is pretty much dead, but straight sex on the other hand is thriving like never before! 

According to a new study, Kiwi women have (on average) 20 sexual partners – double their British and Australian counterparts – and nearly three times the world average of seven! Women in New Zealand are apparently taking to the streets in groups, searching for sex with men. And, if this image of females hunting males in packs to sate their sexual hunger seems a little over the top, another survey suggests there may be some truth to it.

The Sunday Star-Times' Being a Bloke survey reveals that 29% of 5000 men asked said they felt pressured into sex or had sex unwillingly. All well and good if you have a voluptuous vixen vying for your affection, wethinks, but what if it’s a leviathan lady chasing you with a club, trying to get you back to her cave!? Yikes.

(Image: from The Unknow’s flickr stream)

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