Dates = Haters

Darwinism or the theory of natural selection has hit a new high, or should that be a very ugly low: a website that aims to set up only the most beautiful of people has had to actively reject thousands of supposedly visually offensive people from its online domain due to a malfunction of software.

Beautiful.com, which promises that only the genetic elite or those blessed with the best looks will be matched with similar willing candidates, was subjected to the ironic ravages of a virus named 'Shrek', which proceeded to accept applicants from ordinary users through the company's IT network, My Fox NY tells us.

'The website works on a system under which members are able to rank applicants on a beauty scale. The decision to reject 30,000 cost the company more than US$100,000 in refunds and Hodge sent a regretful email to the distressed dumpees.'

'The ugly members cull is not the first time the site has courted controversy, news.com.au reported. In January this year it asked 5,000 users to reapply after they posted pictures of themselves looking chubbier than usual celebrating the festive season.'

Co-founder of the site Greg Hodge is convinced that the virus attack was caused by an unhappy former employee, but to be honest, there is definitely more than one person who could have a motive, we think.

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