Dates dropping off

The country where the date culture was born is going through a dating recession. A research paper by engage.com shows that Americans just aren’t dating as much as they used to. The State Of The Date Report reveals that, of the 92 million singles in America, 22 percent say they can’t remember their last date. And the same percentage say it’s been more than a year!

Who would’ve thought that the next president of the United States not only has to sort out the country’s economy and the environment, but also the country’s love lives? Go ‘Bama, Go ‘Bama!

But the most truly shocking of all these findings is that Americans are resorting to dirty dating, in order to get it on. Some 11 percent of singles admit dating someone who is married or committed to someone else in 2007 and 28 percent of singles who tried online dating were contacted by a married person. And to add insult to this dating injury, 27 percent say “little white lies” are acceptable when dating online. So that busty blonde from Boston, could actually be fat Frank from Florida!

The survey also says 87 percent of singles who say “I’ll call you” to a person at the end of a date claim they actually do it. Surely things wouldn’t be in this state if that actually happened. It seems people have given up dating and taken up lying to fill their very ample free time…

(Image: from .Tatiana’s flickr stream)

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