Darling, is that donkey skin you're wearing?

It turns out that having the attributes of a donkey in the bedroom isn’t just limited to men. Well, not in China anyway.

A Hong Kong company is on the scavenge for up to a million (A MILLION) donkey skins that will be used in the making of traditional medicines, and are focusing their attention on Australia’s Northern Territory according to The Northern Territory News.

What they’re after is something called Ejiao which is found in the skin of the hee hawing animals. This extract can be used to make Nu Bao, which is a traditional Chinese medicine that supposedly improves vitality, boosts the libido in laydeez and also helps with period pain.

Usually, the skins are harvested from the donkeys of South America, but Sydney-based exporter John Fleming has a plan to hunt feral donkeys in the Northern Territory to flog overseas. Doesn’t sound like such a bad plan – there are over 300,000 feral donkeys jogging around the area which it appears people are currently just shooting for sport. Not much of a sport though really is it?

"They want the skins, but not for leather.” Said Mr Fleming "They're after a lot of donkey skins. As much as they can get their hands on.''

So there you go, in some places there’s nothing sexier than skinning a donkey, sucking bits out of the hide and getting a bit jiggy. Mmmm hot.

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