Danse macabre

Well, we’re pretty open-minded here at Excite. But we’re still not sure about this one. A man in Taiwan hired a stripper for his father’s funeral. Taiwanese newspaper the United Daily News reported that the son, named Cai Ruigong, paid the stripper to do a sexy dance around the coffin. Yup – that’s right. As the old guy was going 6 feet under, the caring stripper was working at raising the spirits of the congregation.

But don’t worry – this wasn’t the ultimate act of distaste – it was only honouring the wishes of the deceased. Cai Jinlai, while he was alive, had a “soft spot” for strip clubs, frequenting all the gentlemen’s clubs of Taiwan. Cai said that if he lived to 100 years old, his desire was to have a stripper at his funeral.

And the randy Mr Jinlai lived to the ripe old age of 103 – earning himself his dream funeral. So RIP Mr Jinlai. You sound like a fun guy. Let’s hope there are lots of scantily-clad angels in heaven for you to enjoy…

(Image: from sonya >> 搜你丫's flickr stream)

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