Dancing on Thin Ice

Another day, another set of TV complaints. So what is it this time? Violence? Swearing? Nudity? Yeeeeah, it was nudity. Well kind of. Apparently Dancing On Ice presenter Holly Willoughby was revealing far too much on screen. So...was it a nip slip? Did Holly fall out of her dress for a full-on flash? Nah, she had a bit of cleavage on show. Not exactly Janet Jackson or Eva Mendez…

Oh no! How terrible! Let’s all complain. Let’s censor everything. Everyone on TV must be covered from head to foot, all simulated violence must be cut, and all swear words are to be replaced with “poo”. Using these guidelines, we ask for a complete remake of all films. Let’s see how entertaining they are…

Come on, people. We don’t want the saccharine schmaltz of Disney spooned over everything all the time and a glimpse of the lovely Holly’s hardly offensive assets is, well, hardly offensive.

To all you miserable complainers – poo you! And Holly – keep up the good work!

(Image: from YouTube)

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