Dad becomes woman and loves women

Most dads will confess to having the odd naughty thought about another woman, maybe flirting harmlessly with a neighbour or taking a liking to a female presenter or newsreader on tv. Yet for one daughter in Milton Keynes, seeing her Dad chase after girls as a lesbian, was another experience altogether.

Samantha McKechnie, daughter of Becki-formely-Brian has proudly stood by her dad as he reached the decision to fulfill his secret desire to become a woman by taking hormone treatments leading up to a sex-change operation, having spent years wearing women's clothes in secret, the Sun Online tells us.

'I was pleased he would finally have the body to match his mind. I also found it far easier to open up to Becki about relationships, sex and health issues than I ever had when he was Brian,' Samantha reveals.'I laughed and said, 'You're already changing into a woman, nothing can possibly shock me.'

Except Becki then fell in love with Jasmine Sweetlove (!!), whom he met off the internet and soon, Samantha will be her bridesmaid at a ceremony that will see both women happily married. Happy (modern-day) families!

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