Cybersex with 'Caprice' costs US anchorman

Sometimes a sexploits story makes us genuinely feel sorry for some poor horny soul who has fallen in love with a squirrel (it can happen, apparently) or who has lost the ability to have orgasms (heaven forbid.) Such stories are tragic and genuine sympathy is due. Not so for former US newsreader Jason Martinez who was forced to quit his job this week after it was revealed he had been having steamy phone and cybersex with botox-enhanced, amazonian model 'Caprice'. If only he'd had the nouse to realise it wasn't really her.

Martinez, 30, an ex-anchorman for US station KLTA, was contacted by the fake Caprice last year, who fooled him into thinking she was the real deal with true-life stories and spin. This lead to emails (we call them SPAM emails) and sex over the phone between the recently seperated Martinez and this supposed fantasy of male adolescents. Having never heard of Caprice, Martinez soon Googled her name which resulted, no doubt, in some encouraging images of the model's swim-wear photoshoots, which may have spurred him on a little.

Before long, Martinez 'began to trust her - she was incredibly convincing,' the News of the World reports. That was until Martinez's ex-wife (and clearly no fool) suggested that he contact the team behind the real Caprice. But it was too late and all communications were made public.

The moral of the story? If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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