Cyber sex for everyone

A new book by author David Levy predicts that in the future humans will fall in love and have sex with robots. [Insert gag here about your partner.]

The book, entitled Love and Sex with Robots, says relationships with humanoids will be commonplace by 2050.

Frankly, we know many people already have sex with things that are not human, but Levy goes as far to say that we are able feel love for things that are not human. People form close bonds with pets, not to mention cars and shoes, so falling in love with a robot is not totally out of the question, especially if the robot makes a pretty convincing human.

The year 2050 may seem a little way off, but it does mean our children could be bringing home robots to meet the parents. Imagine C3PO or R2D2 as your son-in-law.

One thought: would anti-virus software be like a cyber-condom?

(Image: from genewolf’s flickr stream)

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