Creep factor

X Factor bad guy Wagner Carrilho tried to get a worker on the show sacked after she spurned his advances.

The eccentric singer, 54, became obsessed with researcher Helen Banhoa, who had been tasked with looking after him. Helen, 27, exactly half the age of Wagner, at first treated it as a bit of harmless fun, but soon became concerned when the contestant started sending her love letters.

After making it clear to Wagner, who has already gained notoriety for his wandering eye among female contestants of the show, that she wanted nothing but a professional relationship, the singer responded by lodging a complaint with bosses, claiming she was ‘unprofessional’.

An inside source said: ‘Wagner’s behaviour was out of order. Helen has never been anything other than professional.

‘These claims left her upset and saddened that someone she thought a friend and colleague could turn on her so viciously and threaten her career because of his hurt pride.

‘Fortunately, Wagner’s behaviour had been known about for some time. It’s the talk of the set, but after this latest incident it’s starting to cast a shadow over the show.’

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