Craig and the MySpace girl

Glamour model Taylor Ray Lewis has sold her story of sex with Craig David to The News of the World with rather hilarious results. Far from the usual ‘our night of hot sex’ stories, Taylor talks of her five minutes of wham-bam intercourse with the singer and erstwhile star of Bo Selecta!

"He was just interested in one thing— himself!" she says. "I was a piece of apparatus he was using for his pleasure," says Miss Lewis (the glamour model). After meeting her on Monday, taking her for a drink on Monday afternoon, they were making love on Monday night, Craig was on better form than he claims in his songs! Must’ve been the videos he projected of himself on the walls that did it. Nice one, Craig, nice…

Taylor is to appear on Wife Swap on Channel 4, if you want to see more of the charming young lady. In the episode she has to move in with a falconer in Devon. So it seems, she has rather a lot of knowledge of men’s birds of prey. We wonder what she thought of David’s kestrel…

(Image: from YouTube)

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