CPS lawyer's erotic moonlighting

To be honest, it’s not uncommon when off work ill to get a bit bored and well, partake in a bit of self-gratification on the sofa watching a dirty movie.

But married father-of-three Clifford Allison, who’s on long-term leave with stress from his job as a lawyer for the Crown Prosecution Service has taken it to a whole new level. In fact Cliff’s decided to get as balls deep in the blue movie world as he can by advertising himself as an ‘erotic actor’ online!

According to the Daily Telegraph, 56 year old Cliff prefers to do "lingerie, glamour, implied nude, adult and topless". (How do you imply nude?) So far, work for the “well-spoken, tall, bespectacled and not traditionally good-looking” gent has amounted to an appearance in the fantastically named Penguin: Naked Penguins Save the Earth. Basically a film where a bunch of men in the buff shuffle about imitating penguins in order to promote 'body warmth'.

Clifford's excuse to colleagues who are a bit taken aback by this development, is that his doctor deems it “therapeutic" and "helping him recover.” That's not washing with his bosses though. A spokesman for his employers said: "CPS employees must seek written permission before seeking secondary employment. We will be contacting him to seek some clarification around this issue." Uh oh. Pants party’s over Cliff! Check out Clifford Allison and the 'men penguins' in action. He's not too bad.

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