The power to say yes

Forget all those legal dramas on tv, that make you believe that getting justice and dealing with awkward ethical decisions solely involve looking hot in a good suit and flirting with the judge and jury. In reality, we may never get a satisfactory answer to a sociological problem, especially concerning sex of all things.

Case in question: a mentally deficient, 41 year old man called 'Alan' is banned by his local council in the UK from continuing to have sexual relations with a man only known as 'Keiron' as questions have arisen as to whether Alan truly understands what sex is, and that therefore he cannot knowingly give his consent to an act he wants to participate in, The Daily Telegraph reveals.

'Mr Justice Mostyn said the case was 'legally, intellectually and morally' complex as sex is 'one of the most basic human functions' and the court must 'tread especially carefully' when the state tries to curtail it. But he agreed that the man, known only as Alan, should not be allowed to have sex with anyone on the grounds that he did not have the mental capacity to understand the health risks associated with his actions.'

'Under the judge’s order, the man is now subject to 'close supervision' by the local authority that provides his accommodation, in order to ensure he does not break the highly unusual order.'

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