Couple’s squeaky bed lands them in court

A couple in Berlin were taken to court after their bed made too much noise during a sexy time together.

Stefanie Mueller, 24, was reprimanded after an amorous session with partner Lucas Zetsch, 25, which managed to wake up the whole neighbourhood.

Police said they received ten complaints from neigbours in the suburb of Lichtenburg. The couple faced a fine of £86 under anti-pollution but refused to pay.

That led to a day in court in Berlin where Ms Mueller, a hotel worker, claimed: ’We weren’t that loud.’

The judge replied: ’ Perhaps not you, but your bed. We have witness statements that it was heard banging and squeaking around the neighbourhood from 11.30pm until 1am the next morning.’

Where upon Mr Zetsch decided to stick his oar in, telling the court: ’ It was totally normal sex, nothing exciting’ leading an angry Miss Mueller to snap: ‘Thanks - that was nice’ before walking out of the court.

The case was eventually dismissed, as none of the complainants showed up to court. Perhaps the couple should buy a new bed to celebrate?

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