Possibly the best job in the world?

Stuck behind the computer at your desk this afternoon? Dreaming about that fantasy job where time goes by even quicker, gorgeous models perform the roles of your colleagues and you achieve your goals effortlessly to the applause of the entire nation? Sorry to burst your elevensies daydream but such a job might not exist. There are, however, jobs that come in a very close second to being the most perfect job ever.

One of these jobs is a sex-toy tester and yes, we kid you not, two couples in the UK are competiting against each other to win the chance to review a plethora of sex-toys for erotica company My Pleasure Zone, news of which we found on their blog. Just two couples remain in the final stages of the competition which saw thousands of UK couples putting their name into a very large hat.

'The winning couple will [...] be sent the newest and most interesting sex toys from across the planet, and if they give it a 7/10 orgasm rating or above, the site will stock it and sell it to the British public. The couple will also be expected to fulfil media duties, and will be interviewed on national television about their new job.

Writing about sex. Well, we can't speak for ourselves (or maybe we can...) but that sounds like an excellent job indeed. Now...if only we could convince the boss to make clothing optional...

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