Couple who met a month ago on ‘ugly’ website to tie the knot

Internet dating can be a pretty ugly experience at the best of times. But sometimes it turns out peachy, like it has for carpet-fitter Tom Clifford and shop assistant Janine Walker, who are due to be married in December.

The couple met less than a month ago on a specialist dating website for the ‘aesthetically challenged’. Tom, 36, and Janine, 31, who both love TV dinners and junk food,have announced their engagement after just four dates.

It will be the website’s first engagement. A thrilled Janine yesterday said: ‘I appreciate that Tom isn't Brad Pitt, but then I'm no Angelina Jolie either.

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to me Tom's the perfect, handsome prince.

‘I'm just so pleased to have been able to meet him, I'm head over heels in love.’

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