Road-trip to the heart

Don't turn to an agony aunt if you're having relationship troubles. What do they know? Chances are that the people that offer you advice, albeit in magazines and newspapers, don't have that much experience themselves. If you want to know what makes a relationship tick, ask other couples.

That's exactly what Brit couple Mike and Alanna Clear have been doing on and off for the last three years, after they first got married in 2008. Since then, they've journeyed across America and the British Isles to ask people in relationships the secret to their success, the Metro Online reveals.

'[Mike] said. 'The more you ask the question, 'What’s your secret, how do you guys make it work?', the more varied and conflicting the advice you get. 'You open the box and see this incredible treasure trove of awesome bits of advice and really moving love stories.'

'The couple even interviewed their own parents. 'Alanna’s parents were great,’ said Mr Clear. When asked 'What made it work?' her mum said it was 'habit' and Alanna’s dad said it was 'terror'.'

You can expect to get different answers from different couples but from the two people in a relationship with each other? Perhaps not.

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