Couple have sex in clock tower

A cheeky couple have been spotted getting jiggy with it in a clock-tower. Yes, that's a clock-tower in broad daylight whilst daily commuters who may have needed to know the time passed beneath them. Cheeky buggers.

The public display of affection occurred at the top of the former Grace Brothers Department store, one of Sydney’s most historic landmarks. A crowd of eagle-eyed voyeurs stopped to egg on the afternoon delighters.

One lucky peeping tom even managed to capture the sex scene on his camera: ‘A few other people had noticed as well and when I started taking photos everyone in the area started to look up and point, laugh, grin,’ the witness told the Australian Daily Telegraph.

He added:‘from the looks of it, the couple did seem to know they could be seen and seemed completely unfazed.’

Eye witnesses didn't confirm if the man was named Big Ben.

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