Couple divorce after wife considers affair

It’s a case of moral strictness that appears all the more bizarre when considering the moral vacuum that exists among some Italian politicians. In Italy, a couple's marriage has been annulled on the grounds that the wife merely contemplated having an affair.

Italy's highest court upheld the ruling, made by a church tribunal and a lower court. They did this while accepting that the woman never actually committed adultery.

The strange case started when the husband went to a church tribunal in Modena in northern Italy and asked for a marriage annullment, telling the tribunal that his wife often talked about having an open marriage, although had ‘never put the idea into practice’.

The tribunal agreed that the marriage should be annulled, but his wife took the case to a civil court in Bologna and from there to Italy's highest appeals court in Rome.

The ruling supported the lower court's findings, and under the judgment the wife will not be entitled to claim alimony from her ex-husband.

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