Country girls more likely to put out on first date

Fancy making hay this weekend? Well according to a new poll country girls are more likely to put out on a first date. The dating website Countrysidelove.co.uk found that 65% of ladyfolk from Devon, Cornwall and Somerset are willing to let their new man poke their hay on a first meeting if the chemistry is right.

The study also showed that country lasses get a lot more action than their stressed out City sisters, with only one in three London ladies willing to take it to the next level on a first date.

Countrysidelove.co.uk put the difference down to the fresh air and relaxed pace of the West Country: “The combination of fresh air, fantastic food and stunning scenery means West Country women have a lust for life - and their men." Expect convoys of city blokes making their way out West this weekend to check out the truth behind the statistics.

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