Costa Rican woman bites off boyfriend's manhood

A Costa Rican man who told his girlfriend to "eat me up" just about lived to tell the tale after the c*ck hungry lady took him literally and bit off a chunk of his John Thomas.

Emergency services in the town of San Jose found Marvin Rodríguez bleeding heavily from his todger with police chief Fernando Ramírez telling local paper Diario Extra: "The victim called saying that while making love his girlfriend bit his penis. We removed the woman from the scene since he was threatening to retaliate."

The assailant was subsequently arrested and could face charges over her over enthusiastic fellatio. In her defence, the young lady known just by her surname Rodríguez Araya told police: "Hey, I did what he asked, I bit it and chewed off a chunk." So the moral of the tale would appear to be: 'be careful what you wish for.'

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