Corrie star's secret sex shame

In a shock confession which has rocked the British soap-opera industry, Coronation Street star Jack Shepard has admitted to doing the dirty on long-term girlfriend with a mystery blonde, whom he got pregnant. No, do not adjust your set: this is not the plot or latest episode of British soap opera, and housewives favourite, but the tawdry goings on of one Jack Shepard, who plays all round bad-egg David Platt in said soap-opera.

The News of the World has reported that Shepard, 22, had a one night stand with blonde (are they ever brunette?) stunna Sammy Milewski last month, despite having a long-term girlfriend, Lauren Shippey, with whom he has a little baby girl.

In a statement issued by Shepard yesterday, he admitted to having 'abused [his] position as an employee, partner and father' and that he was 'deeply sorry'. After Sally Whittaker, aka Sally Webster's remarkable real-life battle with cancer that matched that of her on-screen character, we bet that Corrie directors are kicking themselves that they missed a trick with next week's script...

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