Corrie fans plead for more Kym Marsh nudity

Coronation Street creator Tony Warren has revealed that fans of the soap are begging him to include more nudity in the show – and particularly more scenes with a nude Kym Marsh.

Last year Kym’s character Michelle Conor accidentally dropped her towel in front of red-blooded builder type, Jake Harman.

The scene sparked a mad bank-run-style frenzy among fans of the show, as they clamoured Tony and producer Phil Collinson for some more naked action.

Warren, who claims he was being stopped in the street and asked about nudity, added: ‘Once, I paid for a taxi and didn't have enough change for a tip and the cabbie said, 'Don't worry - just give us another scene of Kym Marsh in a bath tub’.’

Soap fans are a demanding bunch – one time in the buff is never enough with them.

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