A winning streak

Determinaton. Grit. Stamina. Spirit. It's buzz words like these that you might find adorning any sports-wear advert, that reminds you that only those hardened of urban warriors are liking to have what it takes to take on gruelling physical challenges like marathon races, triathlons etc. But actually wearing the sportswear so often advertised would be a bonus. Might it might not stop some people...

...who after discovering that they had suffered a massive wardrobe malfunction after attempting to wear their father's culottes (shudder), decided to continue Cincinnati's Flying Pig marathon in the buff, The Register informs us.

'When police attempted to extract him from the field, [Brett Henderson] refused to leave, at which point cops did the only sensible thing, tazing the bare naked jogger, and hauling his naked ass to the Hamilton County sheriff's office.'

'Henderson duly appeared before the beak yesterday, where he pleaded not guilty, and a trial date was lined up.'

We like the way that Henderson appeared to be repentant about everyone seeing his tackle in the cold and wet weather, suggesting that there could have been a better, but definitely a more inappropriate, time when it might not have appeared to be so small and hidden away.

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