Worst Possible Advice

The 'Concise Compendium of Worst Advice to Give People' must have a few priceless gems at its disposal for after-dinner speeches and general anecdote-giving, such as keeping your pin numbers next to your credit cards in your wallet, and leaving a spare key to your house under your front-door mat (because no-one ever looks there.) But this recent piece of crime prevention advice from across the pond is not only awful but causing a bit of a stink too.

The perpetrator of said piece of bad advice, according to Excaliber, was a cop from Toronto who went to speak to students at the city's Osgoode Hall Law School about preventing crime, and in particular sexual assault. His one golden nugget of wisdom: don't dress like a slut. Assuming therefore that women who aren't going for fish-net tights and boob-tube ensemble aren't going to get raped.

'Ronda Bessner, who attended the session, remembered being surprised by what the officer suggested to women':

'One of the safety tips was for women not to dress like ‘sluts.’ He said something like, ‘I’ve been told I shouldn’t say this,’ and then he uttered the words,' said Bessner, Osgoode assistant dean of the Juris Doctor Program. 'I was shocked and appalled. I made contact with the police [...] and we’ve asked for a written apology and an explanation.'

The police might be making more trouble for themselves if they believe they can rightfully determine whether a female victim of sexual assault was dressed provocatively or not. An issue to avoid altogether, we think.

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