Conceivably the best place to conceive

The London suburb of Weybridge has been named Britain’s most fertile town.

The commuter town counts Shilpa Shetty and Michael Aspel among its famous residents and was once home to John Lennon. Women living there take on average just three months to conceive, compared to a national average of six months, and according to a report published in The Sun boasts the highest pregnancy rates in the country.

Official statistics show that the birth rate in the surrounding area of Elmridge, recently dubbed Britain’s best place to live, shot up by 20 percent between 2002 and 2008.

The study, carried out by parenting website Gurgle.com, found the second most fertile area to be Jersey, closely followed by the village of Winkleigh in Devon. Eight of the ten most fertile areas are down south, and all are outside major cities.

Gurgle.com editor Nifa McLaughlin commented: ‘It seems the less frantic pace of life outside big cities helps couples conceive.’

So, in the words of its most famous resident, if you’re desperate to have kids, you should get a ticket to ride to Weybridge. Oh yes.

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