Compliments rather than condoms

Freshers' week needs to be rethought: there's plenty of baskets and packs of condoms to give out to new students, along with tongue-in-cheek literature about preventing STD's and trying to maintain a clean sexual lifestyle but really, all students would prefer throughout their university career is a number of well-timed pats on the back, it seems.

Brad Bushman with co-authors Scott Moeller and Jennifer Crocker carried out research with a number of Michigan students attending the Ohio State University in the US to identify what activities students valued the most, the Huffington Post tells us. Interestingly, students chose getting self-esteem boosts above activites such as sex, drinking and hanging out with friends.

'These findings are concerning because although students responded that they liked each activity more than they desired it -- a healthy imbalance -- the gap between 'like' and 'want' was smallest in self-esteem. Research shows that addicts tend to want the object of their addiction more than they like it, and so the results of the study show that while self-esteem is not an addiction for students, it comes dangerously close to being one.'

We can just imagine lecturers and professors having counselling sessions with students who receive bad grades for their papers: 'Don't worry, you're still an excellent student...but you are going to fail your degree.'

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