Cuddle caddy

Couples need to be able to laugh together to stay together, we believe. After weeks without any hanky-panky, and when a couple have planned to spend the most intimate, perfect evening alone together, the tension will need to be broken when you discover that simultaneously, the kitchen floor has flooded, your Mum's cat has thrown up all over your pillow and your sexy lingerie has blown off the clothes line into your neighbour's garden. Because if it's not laughing, it's most definitely crying.

Which leads to one company's attempts to keep the marital bliss or harmony between partners alive, once you are both in a post-coital state of relaxation and your mind's start wandering, Salon tells us. Your fella may want to fall asleep ladies, but you are probably after some cuddle-time and the chance for some physical reassurance. Enter the Cuddle Caddy!

'He's a $19.99 plush toy birthed by that undying sex stereotype: Men have sex for pleasure; women have sex for love. This knickers-clad mini man is not to be confused with the Japanese version, the 'Boyfriend Arm Pillow,' which is shaped like a man's arm and chest, and similarly designed for sad, lonely ladies.'

Complete with the capability to be warmed up in the microwave, the Cuddle Caddy is the ultimate make-or-break accessory to any relationship, forcing that question: 'Will you be around to hold me when we can't have sex anymore?' Your male partner on the other hand might simply welcome the opportunity for having a hot-water in the bed during those long Winter nights.

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