Come again?

Meanwhile back in the lab the sex research continues. Scientists today announced that they have successfully scanned the workings of the female brain to show what occurs during orgasm.

The footage shows 30 different parts of the brain lighting up in evident ecstasy.

Neuroscientists asked eight women to lie inside MRI body scanners and masturbate - while they manned the video of course.

Most reached orgasm in under five minutes - although some took nearly 20. The women were asked to raise their hands when they climaxed - and some did so several times.

Researchers also found that waves of pleasure are so strong the nervous system starts to shut down. The feeling can be so powerful that it women become less aware of pain.

Prof Barry Komisaruk of New Jersey's Rutgers University said: ‘Orgasm is a unique process which takes over the whole brain and can be felt all over the body.’

The film of the experiment will premiere on Saturday at Neuroscience 2010, in San Diego, California.

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