Batty the devil you know

It's a desperate choice at the supermarket/high street stationery shop/road-side petrol station when you realise you have only so many hours left in the day to buy you prospective shagging partner a happy birthday card and present before attending their piss-up birthday celebrations in the hope of getting some. Guys, to increase your chances of getting together with the man of your dreams, you might want to avoid this particular card!

The Pinknews reveals that one major high-street stationer by the name of Clinton Cards recently withdraw a particular greeting card that featured a cartoon image of Batman, alongside his new sidekick 'Batty Boy', who proceeds, in a pink suit and cape and with an earring, to rave in a camp way about Batman's choice of suit, under the words 'Batman wasn't happy with his new sidekick.'

'While some Twitter users found it funny, ‘Mippy’, who posted the image on Twitter, wrote: 'An actual card on sale in Clintons, in the year 2011.' [...] A spokeswoman for Clinton Cards said this afternoon: 'We are aware of the card in question and are withdrawing it from our stores. 'The stocking of this card was a result of a flaw in our procurement process.'

Maybe they thought the card would sell anyway, if they covered it in enough glitter...?

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