A model date night

We don't really want to think about the private lives of supermodels. To us, they fly out of the door in the morning, impeccably dressed, immaculately done-up, all ready to face the (gruelling? arduous?) task of pleasing a multitude of fashion photographers and having designer cloth falling around their perfect bodies. Not that we're bitter, we just don't really want to know. Ahem.

Which is why Cindy Crawford's recent revelation about how she keeps the home-fires burning, was a little over the top. Having a nine year old daughter doesn't dampen her devotion to husband Randy Gerber, and the pair regularly find themselves enjoying 'date night'. Or 'remember that we're both sexy human beings weathering a loonnnnggg marriage' night. The Huffington Post has further details:

''We have a little guesthouse down on the beach. It's like a getaway without getting away. Sometimes we don't bother with the candle light. Sometimes you just have to do it! You know, you're in a time crunch! You don't want the kids walking in, that happened to us not that long ago.''

Cindy, next time, just take care that the kids aren't actually hiding in the room the next time you have some hanky panky. Activating light switches might save you more of an embarassing episode!

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