Church for sex

A pastor from Florida is setting a new challenge for his parishioners and it’s not extra night-time prayers or shifts at the soup kitchen. It’s to have mooooore sex! We’re grabbing our Bibles and heading for the states!

"We're launching into our 30-day sex challenge. We wanted to be able to help couples both married and single to really refocus their sex lives around what God's principles are," says Paul Wirth, Pastor of Relevant Church in Ybor City, Florida.

Pastor Paul decided to set the sexy challenge as many married couples were saying they simply had no time for sex. So the holy man decided something needed to be done.

However his 30-day sex challenge is rather different for the singletons in the congregation. They have to abstain from sex for 30-days, even if they are in a monogamous, but unmarried relationship.

Hmm…suddenly we’re slightly less enthusiastic about going to church, even if there is free booze at the interval…

(Image: from Fr Antune’s flickr stream)

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