Christina Aguilera: Dirrty piercings not for my son’s eyes

More evidence that Christina Aguilera’s private life is more interesting than her professional one, as the saucy star was left red-faced over a remark she made about her son on Jay Leno.

The sometime singer intended to titillate viewers as she talked to the host about her piercings. She initially commented that her three-year-old son Max enjoys playing with the hole in her chin left by the piercing.

She then went on to say that she wouldn’t mind him having piercings of his own.

But she made a boob when she added: ‘It'll be a long time coming before he sees where I got all my piercings.’

When she realised what she had said, we witnessed the rare sight of her getting embarrassed. Leno, ever the gentleman, quickly moved on when he realised she was uncomfortable.

Evidently, trying to be seen as both sex icon and mother can be a confusing business.

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