Almighty advert

A mobile phone company in Italy has recently come under fire for the rather explicit and sexual message it uses in one of its recent television adverts to promote mobile ear pieces, the Daily Telegraph tells us.

The advert features the half-naked and prone figure of a Jesus lookalike handcuffed to a bed, in a position resembling the crucifixion. It is in this position, that our shaggy haired, well-toned hero attempts to hold off the advances of a voluptuous dominatrix, who teases him with a whip, threatening to give him the time of his life.

''It's a sordid concept and incredibly insulting to those who believe in Jesus Christ,' said an editorial in Avvenire, a daily newspaper owned by the Catholic Bishops Conference.'

'The newspaper's editor, Marco Tarquinio, said the commercial should never have been made. He suggested that Catholics offended by the ad should stop watching the channel and boycott the company's products.'

What a way to promote hands-free calling: the next time we're enjoying some light bondage, we're hoping we don't have a hands-free earpiece with a voice activation system next to the bed. Try explaining last night's mono-syllabic conversation to your auntie in the morning.

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