Meet your teachers in the flesh

With the cuts being made in the education sectors in England, it's little wonder that teachers are being relied upon to expand their skills base and do more than their jobs-worth to keep the standards of education flying high for our fair country. For some, this means stripping off and flaunting your junk in order to illustrate the finer details of anatomy.

When a life model failed to turn up for an art class at the Sun Yat Sen Arts and Sciences campus in China, university president Yang Lin Chuan took matters into his own hands, literally, by allowing his students to paint, draw and otherwise delineate his naked bod, ChinaSmack reports.

'That day, Professor Yang came to class and said the previously scheduled female model would not be coming. Being men, after hearing this kind of news, our male classmates were disappointed. But the event that followed, the color drained from the female students’ faces, endlessly excited.'

This extract taken from the posted blog of one student clearly outlines the profound effect this action had on the sexuality of the campus' students: never a dull day again for these faculty-goers!

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