Last train from Love Land leaving

Whilst Poland recently launched its first sex museum, the other side of the world, i.e., China, saw the destruction of a newly created theme park that was dedicated to the same subject: one country's saucy exhibition of collected sex-themed knick-knacks is another's deadly taboo made real.

Then again, this theme park boasted gigantic penises and vaginas, literature about sexual practices in other countries as well as a sexual techniques workshop, the Independent reveals. We can only assume there was no 'hands-on' approach to trying out new methods...

'The demolition highlights conflicted views on sex in modern China, where a prudish attitude toward discussion of sexuality is paired with an almost clinical approach to its physical aspects.'

'While pornography is banned and sex education largely unheard of, shops selling sex toys and related items stand out prominently in many neighborhoods and sex outside marriage is widely tolerated. Prostitution, while technically illegal, is widespread and the keeping of mistresses among prominent businessmen and Communist Party officials is considered commonplace.'

Maybe the main reason why the park was destroyed was because it was called 'Love Land'...

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