Cheryl's 'old' and 'fat', thinks goatherd

When last we reported on the romance that had bloomed between Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison and a young, penniless Moroccan goatherd, we were keen to hear more about the glue that was holding these two love-birds together. Now it seems that Yassin Al-Jermoni, 25, is keen to set the record straight, the News of the World reveals.

Speaking to the paper in an exclusive interview, the broke shepard who lives with his parents in a small shack in Agadir, freely admitted to being happy at the prospect of sharing Cheryl's reported £100,000/year pay packet for starring on the soap: 'We are in Africa - everyone looks for money, and so I look for money. It is what we do.'

He also acknowledged that whilst Cheryl wasn't famous for her looks, being 'old' and 'fat', he was ready for the future: 'I will be famous when we are together. I am ready for this. With fame comes many riches. I am ready.

When Yassin's friend tried to ask the paper for money for the interview, it soon became clear that Yassin wasn't trying very hard to disguise the fact that Cheryl will be bringing home the bacon and being the main (or sole?) breadwinner of the house. Looks like Yassim's swapping goat for bacon sarnies now.

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